A Career from Caring

A Career from Caring

Many people get trapped in the corporate machine, 9-5 jobs that lack individuality and variation. Caged in by the pretence of promotion opportunities, workers are being deceived by the once glamorous office life. More of us are seeking employment that encourages personal expression and offers rewards beyond financial stability. It’s easier than you think to make a change. It might not be the first career that springs to mind but live-in carers are highly sought after professionals who help to make a difference in the lives of our elderly and vulnerable. Caring offers numerous benefits, an attractive salary and can provide a change of lifestyle, society or even country.

Caring is an occupation based upon the solid foundation of the carer/client relationship, both benefiting from the enrichment the companionship provides. After all it is not just those in need of care who need and enjoy company.

Live in care agency founder, Miriam Warner, had this idea in mind when she set up Miracle Workers 17 years ago. Observing the lack of quality of home care available and recognising a large number of people with perfect credentials to become carers, Miriam set out to rectify the issue. Miracle Workers offers people an alternative career that gives a sense of purpose that goes beyond job satisfaction.

Judy Ross, who has been a carer for many years with Miracle Workers, commented, “ I became a carer rather reluctantly, but through necessity. So it is somewhat surprising that it developed into a most fulfilling occupation. Training and support from the agency has enabled me to deliver a service valued by truly wonderful clients, helping them to feel secure and comfortable in their own homes despite their difficulties”.

The surprising range of skills that can be acquired through the rigorous training provided makes caring not only a source of employment but also an investment into future possibilities. With such a large range of clients and an equally impressive range of needs to match, live in caring has a diverse nature that presents unparalleled opportunities.

Miracle Workers are far reaching, operating throughout the UK and into Europe, offering the chance to travel with the job or stay close to home. With many clients leading increasingly more social lives the stigma attached to caring is quickly being replaced with a more dynamic image. Becoming part of the family and being included in the inner circle of friends, carers often find their own socialising benefits as much as the clients’.

The support provided by Miracle Workers is unprecedented. To ‘meet every client, know every carer’ is the agency’s’ philosophy and one they strongly adhere to. The time dedicated in not only training but keeping in constant contact with the carers and maintaining an open door policy provides a friendly and encouraging environment where their considerable efforts are valued. With each client assessed individually, Miracle Workers can tailor the training and guidance their carers receive so that they are fully equipped to handle any tasks that are presented during their placements. Having confidence in their own ability as a carer is essential and the Miracle Workers agency works hard to reassure their colleagues of their capacity in carrying out the outstanding work they do and making extraordinary differences to people in need.

Those feeling that caring as a career is something they wish to pursue can call 01873 881306 for an informal chat with a member of Miriam Warner’s team who will happily provide more detail and answer any queries you may have. When it comes to care your welfare is equally as important.

Further information is available from Miracle Workers by emailing: miriam.warner@miracle-workers.co.uk or by visiting the company’s website at www.miracle-workers.co.uk.

Editor, Third Age.

Written by Editor.
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