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Musical Memories from Bygone ErasMusical Memories from Bygone Eras
As the old adage goes, you’re as young as you feel! And nothing brings back happy memories better than music, so we’ve picked out some of the top artists and bands whose melodies will take you back to a bygone era…

Early Days of TelevisionEarly Days of Television
So many things changed in people’s lives in the fifties and sixties, but if one thing stands out as defining the age more than any other, it is the coming of television. At the beginning of the fifties, television was a luxury item – only 350,000…

Beside the SeaBeside the Sea
Seaside variety shows have been facing the final curtain for a number of years now, so what happened to something which was as much a fixture as fish and chips and candyfloss? A combination of events caused the demise of variety…

My Favourite ThingsMy Favourite Things
Have you heard the one about Julie Andrews singing a parody of ‘My Favourite Things’ from the legendary movie The Sound of Music at Manhattan’s Radio City Music Hall? Well it’s not true, but wouldn’t it be nice if it was!

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