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New Ponds Attract Rare WildlifeNew Ponds Attract Rare Wildlife
The creation of new freshwater ponds in Britian is having a positive impact on wildlife, the Environment Agency says. The regulator is involved in charity Pond Conservation‚Äôs plan to replace or restore the 500,000 ponds said to have been…

Hanging Baskets with Wildlife in MindHanging Baskets with Wildlife in Mind
I have to confess, until I sat down to write an article about Hanging Baskets, I never really thought of them in terms of their benefit to wildlife. I thought flowers, colours, scents, greenery, foliage, but never wildlife.

Help Tackle Invasive PlantsHelp Tackle Invasive Plants
The public is being asked to help in recording populations of invasive non-native plants to help find out more about their spread and limit the damage they cause. The Recording Invasive Species Counts (RISC) is funded by Defra and…

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