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Empty Nesters Cash in on Children’s Abandoned BedroomsEmpty Nesters Cash in on Children’s Abandoned Bedrooms
Bedrooms across the land are being vacated as students head to university. It can be a sad time for parents, but there are also opportunities knocking on the door. New-found space means new chances to bolster the family’s finances.

Over 55s Face Retirement DebtOver 55s Face Retirement Debt
More than a third of over-55s are facing retirement saddled with thousands of pounds of debt, a report has claimed, reports the Daily Mail this week. The report said that 35.7 per cent of older workers and pensioners had outstanding…

Pinching Pennies can Make PoundsPinching Pennies can Make Pounds
Recessionary times make us all think of tightening our financial belts and many novel money saving ideas are out there to be taken advantage of. The old saying that pennies make pounds really does work…

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